Good Morning

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Well, Helloooo and come on in out of the cold! Glad you could make it. March already, fast winter, eh? Not fast enough though for the ferrals my mom feeds everyday.

A little about myself. I'm smart. handsome, playful, gentle, intellegent, peaceful, but at times bossy. Believe me, I have to be, especially after my mom brought Friday home. Actually, she found him on Good Friday, 2005, screaming his head off. He was real t iny and starving. I fell in love with the little punk right away. But he made me mad and jealous when he jumped up on the bed. You need to understand it was only me and mom for eight years. I got over it pretty quick. Mom told me Friday was my Easter present and I was to be his papa. So I trained him and raised him the best way I knew. I am bossy at times but Friday needs to be remined that I'm the boss!

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