Good Morning

Saturday, March 10, 2007

♥Spring Has Sprung♥

Finally! The snow is melting. I can actually see the gravel on the drive way. I haven't seen this site since early November. The sun is shining brighter, I know it is, trust me. There's nothing like laying in a nice warm soft spot and letting the sun's rays bathe you in its warmth, ahhhhh....

Mommy signed Friday and me up at a new club, called Artistic Expressions. We know how to put hearts around things now and do a decorative background. We even have falling objects on our site. I can't waite till Meowmy sees our pages, especially Bobbie's. We both worked on his first and then did ours by ourselves. Feel free to look us up anytime you like at

Friday picked out the movie for our Saturday night family movie night; Pirates of the Carribean 2, that's right we haven't seen it yet. Hey, don't laugh, you want to know something - Meowmy hasn't seen that ancient movie called E.T.! Now that's something to laugh at!!

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