Good Morning

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Look it what I found!!

He he he!!!!love it love it LOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! About time I found something like this, now how am I going to get my mom to check this out. It's just the greatest place for info, and I really like the colors. Don't believe me? See for yourself.....

Mom had to go downstairs last night, and I got down there, too. I'm not suppose to, she freaks out, running after me, telling me to stop, like that's going to happen. Something about a thing called a cistern, I think. Any, way it's neat down there, actually anywhere I can't go makes me want to go even more. Like outside. Can you believe it, I 'm not allowed outside! Sheesh....but I have gotten out, he he, and nothin bad's happend. That's not true, I got a BIG spankin after the first time I got out. I ran and mom ran after me and slipped and fell right on her face. When she got ahold of me, it was by my tail. I was mad and I hissed and bit mom real hard on the arm, drew blood, I did!!. Mom just hung onto me real hard until we got back into the house, and then she spanked me. That night I realized my mom really loved me because she was yelling at me and crying real hard. I promised my self right there and then I would try to be real good and never make my mom cry again! So whenever I go out, which isn't often, I just walk out the door and down the stairs. Mom's right there, scooping me up. I feel so safe, knowing mom's always there for me. I let mom know sometimes I want out but she says nope. That's o.k., springs around the corner. Can't wait for the inside doors to be open and the screens to be up on the outside doors and windows. I think I'm starting to suffer from cabin fever..........til tomorrow

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